Regenerative Project Design Studio

An 8-week online project design course

This course will support you to put your regenerative leadership idea into action. During the course, you will learn how to identify, organise and implement the steps required to realise your project.

If you’re a visionary with lots of great ideas yet don’t know where to start this course will support you to ground your idea in clear action steps.

The course consists of four core elements:
– 6 content webinars
– 8 group coaching Q & A calls
– Online learning resources including downloadable funsheets to get you thinking well about your project, audio downloads, video links and a group discussion forum.
– A design element, where you do the research and design thinking necessary to give your project shape.

In week four and eight you will have more time to implement what you’ve learned, there will be no new content, however, we will meet for the Coaching Q & A calls. The course is somewhat emergent – I will be responding to the general and specific needs that show up during our time together.

This is the overview of what you will learn or take action on each week:

Module 1: Context – In this session we explore the values that underpin a regenerative project, how we can learn to navigate in a complex world. We will learn about fields and systems and how to identify the intervention point that has the potential to bring about success for your project.

Module 2: Design Processes, Principles & Frameworks – In this session, you will learn about design processes and why they are essential for projects.

Module 3: Goals, Survey & Analysis – In this session we will explore the purpose of articulating your goals, as well as surveying, analysing and assessing the potential elements of your project and tools you can apply at this stage in your design process.

Module 4: Design – what & when – This session will provide you with tools for you to design the elements of your project and when they will take place.

Module 5: Telling Your Story – This session explores the importance of telling the story of your project in a way that engages the people you want to involve.

Module 6: Finding the Funding – In this session, we will explore the different ways your project can generate income for capital and operating costs.

This course is for anyone who wants to contribute to our thriving planetary future by implementing regenerative projects or setting up a right livelihood business. If you’ve participated in an Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) or Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course or have a background understanding of sustainable and regenerative practices the course will really support you to get to action.

The course is intended to help you design a project that you can implement soon – later this year or next year. Your regenerative design project can be anything that works for you right now in your life. It could be a design about you personally adopting living and leading practices that make your life more regenerative, or it could be a community project and you could use your design to apply for funding, or it could be a regenerative enterprise designed to generate income.

Whatever the scale of your project, it’s welcome.

This is the first iteration of this course and you will have lifetime access to the course materials as they develop from year to year. In return for a vastly reduced cost, I am looking forward to receiving constructive feedback during this iteration to help shape the course so we experience an increasing number of regenerative projects and enterprises in the world.

Register here and I’ll let you know when enrollment for the course begins.