Life Design for Women

If you’re at a point in your life when you want to contribute to a thriving future for all of life on Earth, then the journey Life Design for Women may be for you.

I developed this life design process to invite women to engage with the challenges we are currently facing on Earth.

There are a lot of goal setting methods out there, but I had not yet seen one that invited me to include Planet Earth in my process. So I decided to create it, and now it’s ready to share with you.

I see women playing a pivotal role in the massive transformation that needs to take place in the world to ensure a thriving future for life on Earth.
If we are to succeed, we need to step forward from a different perspective than business as usual. We need to examine our lives and question the choices we make and the actions we take.

We need a radical change in the way we are doing things. I’m not laying all the world’s ills at our feet for us to solve. There’s only so much we can do on our own. We need to make massive systems changes, particularly to a dominant worldview that keeps us defaulting to life-diminishing ways of living. We can get started with what we have control over, and in that process of examining our lives, I believe we will begin to see how we can contribute to life on Earth.

Life Design for Women offers a supportive process in which you can examine all aspects of your life and assess whether you want to keep doing more of the same or chart a different course and take an active role in contributing to a thriving future that considers all of life on Earth and recognizes that we need nature to thrive.

The Life Design Process takes you through the steps of Observe, Reflect, Envision, Decide, and Act. The great thing is that in each of these steps, it’s all about you, working with your own life experience.

Knowing where to start can be a challenge. Where do I begin?

In Life Design, we start with the aspect of our life that we hopefully have the most control over – our Well-being. Before we go there, I introduce two other aspects of our life that many of us tend to forget about – as a matter of fact, I almost forgot about them here too: Nature and Death. Being willing to create a healthy relationship with these parts or our lives will help us have a better relationship with the world. You’ll find out more about them in the Core section of the book.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

While life on Earth as we know it is being decimated through human activities, the planet will continue to evolve in some form long after we’re gone. Right now, what is happening is that we humans are busy destroying the delicately balanced living environment that makes life, including human life, possible. Earth is a unique, rare habitat in which we thrive, along with all the plants and animals. There is no other known planet in our solar system so perfectly set up for human life. It is we humans who need to be saved. We need to be saved from ourselves, so that future generations of life on Earth have a chance to live. Rather than turning our backs and saying that it’s not our problem, the fact that these crises exist demonstrates that we are all being asked to engage in radical and mutually beneficial change.

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