Intimacy with the Land

Drawing from your direct experience answer these questions. Resist the temptation to google the answers!

  • How many days until the moon is full?
  • What type of soil is there in your region?
  • What was the total rainfall in you area last July?
  • Name five native plants in your region.
  • From what direction do the windstorms come?
  • Where does your garbage go?
  • How long is the growing season where you live?
  • What day are the shadows the shortest?
  • Name five resident and five migratory birds in you area.
  • What species have become extinct in you area?
  • Point to the north from where you are sitting.
  • What spring flower is consistently the first to bloom where you live?
  • When was the last time there was a fire in the environment where you live?

How did you do? Use these questions to spark your curiosity about your natural environment and find the answers to the ones you didn’t know through observation. For example if you look up five plants that are native to your region on the internet, be sure and get out to find them in person.

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