At the moment my diary is quite full with regenerative projects. I do have some availability for one-to-one Coaching and Mentoring sessions.

Coaching or Mentoring

In the coaching relationship I will support you to generate your regenerative vision and course of action and then support you to stay on track, including working with any outer or inner blocks that might arise.

If you decide you’d like a mentoring relationship then I bring more of myself and my experience of regenerative living and leading into the relationship.

Let’s start with a 15-minute meeting – on me. That way we can see if we’re a good match.

I offer my coaching and mentoring services in blocks of three sessions at £275 per block. The first session is an hour and 15 minutes and the following two are 45 minutes. We can discuss how you want to use the coaching sessions – they can be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

For your free 15-minute meeting use the Contact page to get in touch and put 15 Minutes in the subject line.